Urban Service District

Upon being elected as Mayor in November of 2014 and reviewing the annual budget for the 2015 year for Cammack Village, Mayor Graf realized that going forward, Cammack Village would be hard pressed to financially meet all of the needs that the citizens of Cammack Village had grown accustomed to over the years. The concern realized by Mayor Graf was due to the fact that Cammack  Village does not directly receive any sales taxes as a revenue source as there are no businesses that operate within Cammack Village from which to generate any sales tax revenue.  Back in 2014 (as still is the case today), the only two sources of revenue for Cammack Village were: (i) its share of the one percent county wide Pulaski County Sales Tax on goods and services which is divided on a pro-rata basis (based on population) amongst each City in Pulaski County; and (ii) property taxes.

To address a potential future shortfall in revenue that could have impacted the City’s ability to continue to provide essential services to the residents of Cammack Village, Mayor Graf proposed the creation of an Urban Service District. An Urban Service District under Arkansas law is a municipal service organization that is established to assist with paying for essential City services such as: (i) emergency services which include public safety and security; (ii) recreational services such as parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities (such as the pool and the tennis courts); and (iii) neighborhood improvement services such as street maintenance and street lighting.

Thanks to the citizens of Cammack Village, the Urban Service District was approved in 2015. The Urban Service District charges $20 per month to each household in Cammack Village which is added on to the monthly water bill provided by Central Arkansas Water. The money that is collected is used by Cammack Village to assist it in providing police protection, recreational amenities and general city maintenance. The Urban Service District is set to expire on or about November of 2025 unless reapproved by the citizens of Cammack Village.